The Story of Jesus Christ

Each year my church presents Christmas Journey, a presentation of the life of Christ represented in individual scenes with dramatization. Visitors drive past each scene and hear narration from the Bible, as well as the voices of the actors in each scene. It is a powerful medium for sharing the story of our Savior, and thousands upon thousands come to bear witness. No matter the weather, the Journey goes on. And each year it seems a little more poignant than the last. It’s easy to forget that I’m watching friends and family portray characters. Instead, I see Jesus and Apostles and Roman soldiers and Pharisees, as well as persons afflicted with illnesses and disabilities who come to Jesus to be healed. And witnessing the healing is more powerful than one could ever imagine. It’s very easy to put myself in ancient times, to see myself in a crowd of observers being amazed and overwhelmed by visible evidence of the power of God. The Christmas Journey is our gift to the communities surrounding us, and each year I am more thankful for the people who sacrifice their time and energy for these weeks in November and December. And though I have never managed to get clear in-focus images from the Journey scenes, I do not fret over it. Being in motion makes photos challenging, but it does not diminish the power of Jesus Christ and the life he lived to provide salvation for you and me.
   click image to see the entire album and read the story of Christ
Christmas Journey: The Story of Jesus Christ

Documenting the days of Christmas was inspired by Ali Edwards’s December Daily project and the Holidays in Hand class by Jessica Sprague.


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