the decor

I’ve decided not to decorate my flat this year. My chief reason being that it has been such a disaster area for so many months and the cleaning project isn’t going very quickly, so Christmas decorating has been least on my mind. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy the Christmas surroundings — I rather enjoy it very much — but it’s more about priorities this year. When my original plan of cleaning the apartment fell through due to a week-long illness during the Thanksgiving holidays, I actually felt a bit of stress over not having my place ready for the Christmas trimmings. And that’s stress that I absolutely did not need. So I wavered back and forth on whether to spend my evenings clearing the rooms (even though I’m dead-dog tired when I come home at night), or whether I might just give myself a break this year and concentrate on fully cleaning and organizing and finding all those lost things that have disappeared during 2009. The latter seemed much more prudent to me.
So there will be no Christmas decor in my home this year, but that certainly doesn’t mean that my surroundings are not festive. As I mentioned before, the foyer of my office building is fully decked out, and my sister’s home has every surface covered with little electronic displays of ice skaters and carousels and dancing and snoring Santas. She has a fully decorated tree downstairs and another upstairs, and the boys have decorations in their bedrooms, as well. Since our family spends Christmas Eve and Day at their home, the decorations are just as much for us as for their immediate family. There are also neighborhood displays of lights and inflatable Harley-riding Clauses, not to mention the many, many photos that I see daily from Facebook friends. I’m not missing Christmas in any way by not having a tree in my own place. Especially since my tree is only 3 feet tall and holds less than 20 ornaments. Instead, I’m living vicariously through everyone else and feeling satisfied with my decision.
In case you were wondering, this is a taste of what you would have seen from me.

Nativity — This ceramic set was left unfinished by my grandmother when she passed away, and my mom and I thought the pieces looked best in their natural state. click to view entire scene

Christmas village

miniature Christmas village

Father Christmas   Seussian trees

These are my favorite Christmas figures: Father Christmas and what I call “Seussian” trees. click each to enlarge

It is possible that I may begin to miss having all of my little trinkets around as Christmas draws near, but right now I’m really okay with the decisions I’m making. There is plenty of Christmas happening all around me on a daily basis, so I don’t feel I’m missing out on anything. And in the evenings, when most people will be sitting in the glow of their tree lights, I’m recalling all of my favorite memories and reminiscing about my own Christmas experience throughout the years. And that’s brought far enjoyment than any Charlie Brown tree would have been able to bring.

Documenting the days of Christmas was inspired by Ali Edwards’s December Daily project and the Holidays in Hand class by Jessica Sprague.


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