the current state of things

Since returning to work at the end of the summer, I’ve been seriously ignoring the state of my flat. (Who am I kidding? I was ignoring it long before that!) And though I daily lament the clutter and stacks that greet me when I wake and when I return home in the evenings, I have had no drive to do anything about it. It is my goal to overcome… very soon! But for now I must be honest with myself. Things are definitely out of control.

Welcome Home

The danger of having a desk just inside the front entrance is that it becomes a prime location for “dropping stuff” upon returning home. Mail, grocery bags, any number of magazines that I haven’t dropped into the recycling bin. It all ends up right here. A few steps further into the apartment is another catch-all area, currently holding piles of stuff I took out of my car trunk in the early part of the year and never returned. Along with some storage drawers that have never migrated to the bedroom closet where they belong. That door to the rear right? That’s the laundry room. It’s like navigating a maze just to wash my clothes.

living room

The living room is only a tad less cluttered, but that’s mainly because there’s so little floor space in the first place. Because I usually spend evenings in that green chair by the window, my couch seems to have been spared the piles. Except for the left arm, which is fairly wide and therefore perfect for balancing items that I want to deal with sooner than the rest. My coffee table is another resting spot for discarded mail and magazines, and that quilt sitting on the green ottoman never seems to find its way back to the couch. I don’t use it right now, but I just keep leaving it at my feet. Most of what covers the living room are items that were handed off to me by family members and for which I have not yet found a permanent home. As you can see, there’s no good place for visitors in this room. You should definitely call me before dropping by!

desk area

Here’s that desk again. At present it holds my purse and work bag, piles of opened mail, recyclables, more stuff dropped off by family, and a CD binder from one night’s project of digitizing a few albums for the iPod. Why it’s still sitting here, I really can’t tell you.

kitchen bedroom

And then there’s the kitchen and my bedroom. It’s no secret that I don’t spend much time in the kitchen, and what you see here is a product of that. All of my storage ware comes out of the dishwasher and lands directly behind me on this small countertop. I just keep stacking it up and reusing from the stacks. I do have a designated cabinet for these items, but it looks very similar to this shot except that I have to sit on the floor in order to put everything away. I’d rather not. So all containers land here. I should probably give it a name or something.
In my bedroom you’ll notice two things: the bed is almost always unmade, and the laundry, while clean, never gets put away. The fact that the floor is mostly clear is simply for safety. I’m usually stumbling around in the dark during the mornings, so it’s necessary to maintain a path from bed to closet to bathroom. Because the bathroom also has a door to the hallway, it’s not necessary to keep the bedroom entrance free of clutter. It’s like having an emergency exit.

Naturally, I’m not proud of this current state of things, but it is what it is. And right now, this is my life. I do see shards of light way down this tunnel, but I don’t see things changing right away. I’ll probably tackle one surface or another in the next few weeks, and maybe even clear a path or two, but these just aren’t priorities right now. And there’s no motivation. Disgusting? Certainly. Lazy? Most definitely. But again, it is what it is. Give it some more time. After all, I am slowly emerging.

And yes, I do realize that I could have conquered some of these things in the time it took me to compose this blog post, but did you really think that was gonna happen? Please.


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