making time

On the phrenetical blog I’ve posted about choosing my passion. Here, it’s worth noting that I’m not really making time for much of anything at the moment. This month has been slim in posts, and even slimmer in downtime activities. Heading back to work full-time is truly sucking the energy out of my sails. I know this is a temporary adjustment that requires time and patience, but I really do miss the inspiration that came so freely during the past six months or so. I do hope that returns as my mind and my body find the balance in working 40-ish hours per week and re-learning how to sleep when the world sleeps. This first month has not gone well. But I have high hopes (and a great God who promises) that change is coming soon! Until then, I try not to lament the things I’m not getting done. I try not to fret over the piles of stuff I keep placing on every surface and inch of floor space in my already-cramped flat. I try not to be so disappointed that I had absolutely no energy to accomplish my weekend plans. And I try not to worry that my friends are only hearing from me in short spurts of 140 characters or less. This, too, shall pass! Until then, I am simply making time for what I can and letting the rest fall idly by without stressing over it. Here’s to a much more productive (and enjoyable) September!


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