nothing like finding old friends!

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old friends
These little guys used to stand on top of my computer monitor, but I haven’t seen them (or thought about them) in at least 4 years. And tonight, quite by chance, I found all of them lying in the bottom of a pencil cup just waiting to be discovered! There was even some residual putty on their feet from the days of being tacked to the monitor! These little guys are truly favorite friends — souvenirs from my parents’ trip through Roswell, New Mexico — and I am thrilled to have them back in my collection of trinkets and toys. They do fit in nicely! And they are so very me.
Now if only I could find those ear buds that have eluded me for months!
Update: Ear buds found! October 2009. Now looking for the flash drive with Leverage etched on the case. sigh


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