5 things I love this week

July 26 – August 1, 2009

one Spending a day at the art museum. I never tire of walking around museums and seeing masterful works created hundreds (and thousands) of years ago, and to have the opportunity to examine favorite pieces up close after years of reading about them in books is one of the greatest privileges on earth. I spent the day in a state of awe.
two This little comic strip. Don’t miss the dog on the last panel.
three This little video about being a woman. My favorite line is the very last one. Listen for it!.
four Days With My Father by Phillip Toledano. This week began with Parents’ Day, and Toledano’s story is a great reminder to cherish all the moments we have together. (Note: On the website, place your cursor over the body of the page and use the scroll button on your mouse to advance the frames.)
five Celebrating the life of my one and only niece. As a child she called herself Kiwi Chelle, and though she is turning 15 next week I still think of her as that beautiful little girl with the great big smile. I love you, Kiwi, and love the relationship that we are developing throughout our lives. Happy birthday!



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