Today is Parents’ Day

a family of threeI’ve reached the point in my life where every day seems important. Every day seems like a gift. Maybe it’s age or maybe it’s just a keen awareness that we’re not guaranteed a specific number of years/weeks/days/minutes in this life. Whatever it is, I’m realizing more and more how important each day should be and that I shouldn’t let them go by without acknowledging every person, place and thing that brings me joy and makes me happy to be alive. I am celebrating my own parents today and am grateful that we’re all in the same place and can spend the day together. I’m grateful that we have finally reached the phase of adult-to-adult relationship, and I’m grateful that I can still be their baby girl from time to time. So, Mom and Dad, thanks for being great parents. Thanks for encouraging me to figure out who I am and embrace this life even when it doesn’t go the way I hoped or planned. Mom, you gave me the best piece of advice I’ve ever received when you told me that every challenge I face will be a character-building moment. And Dad, the path of your life and your faith journey reminds me that life truly can begin at the age of 40. I hope you know that you are both an inspiration to me and you are my very best friends.

Kathy and Smitty


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