5 + 1 things I love this week

July 19-25, 2009

one Online tutorials. I’ve learned more this week about basic Photoshop tasks than I ever did on my own. And having videos at my fingertips to show me step-by-step processes is invaluable. Yay for technology!
two Typepad avatarThis little green avatar that gets randomly assigned on Typepad blogs and the fact that I seem to always get assigned this very one. It’s obviously my favorite, what with the color and the little daisy design, but how cool is it to always get the same one!
three Abandoned places of New York City. Using his own photographs, artist Nathan Kensinger is telling the stories of once-glorious buildings and locations of NYC. It’s, at once, sad and moving. These are truly visions of days long gone.
four How mulling things over for a few days can sometimes bring epiphany. When I watched the movie Hide earlier this week, I was struck by the realization that I couldn’t actually write a blog post immediately after viewing. The ending confused me so much that I honestly didn’t know where to begin, and though I enjoyed the movie, I couldn’t quite form coherent thoughts on what I’d seen. Waiting a couple of days brought new insight into the reasons I love films that feature prominent violence and unstable characters, and much of what I realized had not been written out or even considered before. I love the fact that I continue to learn new things about myself, that I continue to see new levels of my own psyche and can even surprise myself when attempting to put my thoughts into words. That happened with my blog post on Hide and it was supremely satisfying to me.
five Finding favorite celebrities on Twitter. Three of the stars from Leverage are now tweeting — Beth Riesgraf, Aldis Hodge, and Christian Kane (the last two only because Beth Riesgraf pestered them about it… ha!). Love this kind of insight into how the actors go through their days. And Kane’s profile picture is simply awesome!
six Clayne CrawfordClayne Crawford. I’ve recently become extremely enamored with this little-known actor and have begun working my way through his filmography as best I can. What I quickly discovered is that I’ve been watching Clayne Crawford, enjoying Clayne Crawford, for years now in various one-off episodes of many favorite tv series. He’s been on a handful of CSI‘s, Cold Case, and most recently on Life as the memorably named Eval. He popped up earlier this year in a single fight scene on Leverage (thanks to his real-life best pal Christian Kane), and I even watched him on Roswell back in its day, though I can’t recall a thing about it. He’s appeared in small roles in films like The Great Raid, A Love Song for Bobby Long, Swimfan and even A Walk to Remember. I’ve seen him again and again and again, made note of how enjoyable he was at the time, and then promptly forgot to look into his career. But that’s all changed now. Now I’m pursuing it. Now I’m watching every moment I can find to get to know this actor better. I had the great treat this week of seeing his 4-episode stint on Jericho — which left me wishing I had watched the entire series, it was so good — and I have found a handful of film titles to add to the queue. I can look forward to his work as a feature player in the upcoming movie The Forlorn, again with Christian Kane, about the journey taken by the Donner Party. And he has also just been cast in the next season of 24, and that just makes me kinda giddy. I hope this all means that Clayne Crawford’s star is finally rising and that I’ll have more opportunities to see him develop his talents. The more I see, the more I love this charming Southern boy with the lazy Alabama drawl. And those who know me will tell you: that’s the most surprising thing of all.

Christian Kane photo via Christian Kane’s Twitter page. Clayne Crawford photo via CinemaRx.

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