one word: laugh

There is truth to the idea that laughter makes great medicine. I’ve always been so fortunate to have laughter floating around me at every turn. The members of my family thrive on laughter. We use it for every possible scenario, from defusing a tense situation and helping each other lighten up to the fine art of laughing at the absurdity of life. And in my lifetime I have laughed a lot! Though my own personal brand of humor isn’t always understood by the people around me, I find most everything in life to be funny in one way or another. And I LAUGH! Out loud, in big and unexpected bursts, rumbling from the depths of my soul into loud guffaws with head thrown back. It can be boisterous, and some might even find it obnoxious, but I make no apologies for my laughter. I’ve learned that I need it to make sense of the world that chaotically tumbles around me. So I try to embrace every humorous — and even embarrassing — moment with complete abandon, reminding myself to find the joy in every single situation and remember not to take anything (or myself) too seriously. I’m grateful that others in my family feel the same way and that we’re teaching the children to embrace this quality in their own lives. All it takes is one person’s unabashed laughter to tear down anything that might be coming between us. Thankfully, there is little time to construct those walls. We’re too busy laughing about them.

D's infectious laughter. July 2008.


This post was derived from the list of inspiration words gathered on Ali Edwards’ blog and from the concept of writing about one word.


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