5 things I love this week

July 12-18, 2009

one Fancy Fast Food. The website tagline says it best: “Yeah, it’s still bad for you, but see how good it can look!” Never before has fast food been so… gourmet!
two The Philanthropist. This show was a winner with me as soon as I saw its premise: billionaire playboy gets an up-close-and-personal look at the ongoing tragedies in Africa and sets out to do whatever he can to make things better. That itself gets me in my heart, and the casting of James Purefoy in the lead role and Jesse L. Martin in a supporting role appeals to the fangirl in me. I’m loving it more and more each week, and find so much joy in seeing favorite Brits on American television. Keep ’em coming, network guys! TV is so much better with these talented actors.
three The series conclusion of my beloved Prison Break. Yes, the series ended in May but I opted to watch the season all at once after its final airing. I wanted to savor this, to let it linger and increase anticipation, knowing that this was truly the end. I’d followed every moment for four years, suspending all belief to allow the stories to wash over me without judgment or expectation, and I’d suffered through a misstep Season Three in hopes that the writers would redeem themselves in the end. And as I watched the final hour I was happy to see that they did. Prison Break was fully satisfying in its final moments, even with the death of my favorite character being the last word. I’m always saying that I don’t care as much for happily-ever-after stories, so I cannot complain that this series didn’t give it to me. I was shocked by the ending, shocked by the death, but I hold the series as an all-time favorite and respect that the producers and writers chose to go out as they did. It hurts, but the series is better for not taking the easy route and wrapping it up with a bow. I will truly miss Prison Break but am grateful for the cast of actors who are now on my radar. I can’t even imagine what will take its place in my obsessive little heart but I’m dying to find out.
four Warehouse 13 on the new ::ahem:: SyFy network. At first I thought this would be a really cheesy science fiction series that had little appeal to me, but the premise seemed to be a cross between a quirky crime drama and that government warehouse from the Indiana Jones movies so I decided to give it a try. It’s actually more like The-Librarian-cum-Bones, as the warehouse is full of history’s greatest treasures and the two federal agents in charge (one quirky and believing, the other straight-laced and logical) spend their time tracking down strange phenomena and retrieving the items that must be kept from doing harm in the world. After two episodes, I’m officially intrigued and entertained enough to stick with it, and I’m loving that familiar faces keep popping up as guest stars (so nice to see you, Tricia Helfer!). Warehouse 13 is the perfect kind of summer entertainment — easy, breezy, silly fun.
five Taking a week off and not having any responsibilities pecking at my brain. In two weeks I have to return to the regular working world of telephones and schedules and coworkers and to-do lists, but this week I could just “be”. And oh, how I loved it! Far too much television, an insane amount of sleep, All-Star Week, and the return of Leverage (Parker, how I’ve missed you!). All in all, this week was the perfect kind of vacation… the type with nothing to do.

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