one sad plant

I’m not sure what you call the lack of green thumb (yellow? brown?) but I have such a tendency toward that very state. It’s not a “black thumb” because I can actually keep a plant alive for some time, but eventually, not matter how I try, all plants seem to wither away and die on me. It’s disheartening, to be sure, and probably very sad for my dad who can simply will a plant to live without ever really worrying over it. I, on the other hand, try and try to keep plants alive, but eventually they become very lethargic and completely give up trying.
Exhibit A:
one sad plant
The most difficult thing about this latest casualty is that it has been thriving for over two years now. But all of sudden, just this month, the little thing has simply given up. Collapsed. It no longer has the strength to even hold up its head. And I don’t think it’s my fault! But of course, I’ll be blamed. Because, really, who’s gonna blame the plant?
happy plantLest you think I’m exaggerating, let me provide Exhibit B. This peace lily bloomed every single year around Easter for almost 5 years. I took great care to trim its leaves and keep it nourished and give it proper sun, and it thrived for me. For 5 years! So I can keep a plant alive. It’s been proven. But then, mysteriously, somehow, they just give up and die. The lily did it, and now the plant with the unknown name (above) is following suit. I wonder if it’s a mutiny? A plant uprising (or down-falling, as the case may be). I worry about my dad’s decades-old ivy now. If I can’t keep an old ivy alive, then there’s just no hope for me in this arena, is there? I honestly don’t know what else I can do.


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