50% unplugged :: June 23, 2009

unplugDate: June 23, 2009
Activities: afternoon movie and book browsing
Location: Movies 14 in McKinney and Watters Creek plaza in Allen
The Plan: Terminator Salvation, followed by a trip to Borders Bookstore in search of a birthday gift for the niece

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50% Unplugged - June 23, 2009
The Result: A great movie and success in the birthday gift department! Not only did I find an unexpected item, but it was half off the clearance price, which means I can search for an additional item to supplement the gift. Score! A very successful outing, indeed. To be fair, I consider every outing to Borders a success. I can always find a title (or three) to add to my own reading list, and I usually run across little treasures for other people, as well. But even if i don’t find a single book to give or get, I am always happy browsing the newsstand. Hours fly by when I head into Borders, and no money is necessary on most occasions. Truly one of my favorite things to do.
In addition to the successful purchase adventure, I found, once again, that ART is everywhere! On the side of the building, on a display outside, even on the wall of the grocery store next door. Looking through my camera has truly given me new perspective on my world.

The idea of being Unplugged was inspired by Jodie.
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and plan an unplugged day of your own!



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