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documentation idea from The Simple Woman’s Day Book via Ali Edwards and apple likes orange
Outside my window… are two young dove, alone in their nest. Mama and Daddy are nowhere to be found this morning.
I am thinking… it’s probably time for a shower, but my computer has the strongest siren call!
I am thankful for… an easier week without stressful deadlines or piles of work to be accomplished by Friday.
From the kitchen… I am enjoying a cold cup of orange juice and baseball-themed Cap’n Crunch (with crunchberries shaped like little bats and balls).
I am wearing… pajamas, still. I think I’ll miss these long mornings when I return to an office schedule.
I am creating… a thousand projects inside my head. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get any of them onto appropriate canvases.
I am going… to unplug this afternoon and head to the cinema followed by a Borders bookstore browse.
I am reading… my cousin’s second novel, What the Bayou Saw by Patti Lacy, although it’s taking a very long time to really dig in.
I am hoping… to find a short-term job for the month of July so that I can pay the bills in August.
I am hearing… Christian Kane‘s distinctive Southern voice as I listen to his self-released CD Kane. There are few voices I love more.
Around the house… there are layers of dust and piles of stuff, but the laundry has finally been put away after months of living out of a basket.
One of my favorite things… is hearing tales of my niece and nephews as they begin their summer adventures.
A few plans for the rest of the week… include a couple of longer work days, completing an amended tax return, an unplugged Thursday to take my dad out to eat and to a movie (UP! Finally!), and a nice long weekend with both of my parents.
A picture to share…

Summer 2009 - second pair of baby dove
   click to enlargen photo


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