does this count as reclaiming my curls?

morning hair, June 20 2009

No. 29 on my list of 40 things is to grow out my hair and reclaim the curls. Does this count? Granted, this is morning hair, and it certainly won’t continue to look this way after a shower, but I’m thinking I’ve reached the goal. I am due for a haircut, too, so this seemed the best time for a photo to show just how well I’ve reached the goal. DONE!
Note: This photo is not representative of my actual wake-up hair. The first glimpse in the mirror showed both sides smashed against my head and the fullness of my hair standing on the crown. With curls, yes, but standing tall nonetheless. It can’t even be quantified as a “fauxhawk”. It was simply scary bedhead. But the photo is reflective of what my hair did once I shook out the sides and tousled the top with my fingers. I think this definitely counts as #29.
Now, if I could just grow some eyebrows, I just might start to feel good about myself!

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