one word: today

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Today I awaken from sleep, rather than find myself being awake without it.
Nope. That one didn’t take.
Today I will complete all but one small task on my work project, allowing me to take a much-needed break from the computer.
Today I dream of my next Unplugged day and how I can be creative without spending money.
Today I don’t even care if I never see a single movie at the cinema this summer.
Today I am shocked by the state of my flat and wonder just when this “bachelor-style” living began?!!
Today I am craving a pineapple cake that I know Mom is making this weekend!
Today I have newborn baby dove on my patio for the second time this summer.
Today I am halfway through this month’s scripture memorization, and I finally see the difference in two verses that have been tripping me up. [Thank you, Lord!]
Today I am praying for my dear friend and her challenging living situation.
Today I am thankful that my sisters’ families live nearby and that my parents are sticking around for an extended time.
Today I know that June’s freelance work will yield enough payment to cover next month’s bills.
Today I have all that I need but…
Today I finally feel ready to move forward.

This post was derived from the list of inspiration words gathered on Ali Edwards’s blog
and from the concept of writing about one word.

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