Seriously, Coca-Cola? Have we not learned?

Can we not come up with a suitable alternative than these plastic rings? Have we not learned anything in the past 20 years? Seriously, Coke? Seriously?
Have we learned nothing yet?
I hear your question: Why did I buy the product if it offends me so much? It’s a valid question. I admit that I never even thought to look at the packaging when I picked it up but probably would have purchased it anyway. Because even though it does offend me that a global company can’t find a better packaging solution, it offends me just as much that a concessioner* will charge me $3.00 for only one of these bottles when I found the six-pack for that very price. I’m on a budget and I refuse to play that game. But that doesn’t mean I can’t wish companies were better than they are or that they were making greater strides in their enviro-efforts. I mean, surely someone has figured this out by now, wouldn’t you think?
* Yes, I’m that girl in the cinema who pulls snacks from a bottomless purse.
   But I do draw the line at a bag full of cheese fries. Jus’ sayin’.



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