favorite things: summer fruits

bowl of cherries
      source :: cathy zielske
I’m not a fan of summer. I don’t enjoy warm weather that rises past 77 degrees, and being a lifelong resident of Texas has made me truly despise the season with its record-setting heat waves. But I have found one small delight in the midst of such misery: sweet summer fruits. I love the melons, the plums, the pineapple, and most especially the sweet dark cherries that are only at their best in these hot summer months. Growing up, my mother was a big fan of heading to the Farmer’s Market in Dallas and bringing home wonderful summer produce to make simple meals for the family. I learned to love dinners that consisted of purple hull peas, sauteed squash, freshly shucked corn on the cob, and the cool sweetness of watermelon and canteloupe. Honeydew was always a special treat, as well. But the cherries were my favorite treat. They were more expensive, so we didn’t have them often, which made them seem more like a delicacy and made them taste so much sweeter than anything else. I don’t even mind the pits. It just seemed fitting that I should have to work a little to enjoy this special treat. So now, when summer rolls around, I start watching the grocery ads for a budget-friendly price on dark cherries and look forward to rewarding myself. They simply haven’t lost their appeal, and I think they’ll always seem a little exotic to me.


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