unplugged (mostly)


Friday, May 29, is my chosen day to UNPLUG. The idea is a challenge from jodified, to simply shut down the computer, cell phone, tv, etc., and go out to do life with camera in hand. I am taking the opportunity to pursue one more item on my list of 40 things, and I’m sharing that day with nephew #3’s pal, Flat Stanley. It’s a day to simply lift my head and see what my world has to offer. I couldn’t be more excited!

UPDATE: Friday evening
I didn’t fully unplug, and with good reason, so I wanted to post my favorite unexpected joy of the day. I hate that these photos are not in focus, but I was sitting on the train when I noticed these people and I had but one chance to shoot. Apparently, there’s a comic convention in the city this weekend, and these guys were on the way to the site. If I hadn’t been so thoroughly exhausted I would have jumped off the train and doubled back to take photos of all the attendees. This was definitely the most creative and inspiring moment I had all day — and that is saying SO MUCH!
Watch for my complete recap of this UNPLUGGED day on June 1st.

artful living   I saw this guy first, and I was simultaneously enchanted and terrified. Chances are, this is what he was going for. Oh, how I wish I had a clear image of this. He was incredible.
artful living   And this lovely young woman was a companion of the first guy. (See him in the back?) It’s hard to tell but her skirt was outfitted with a full hoop, and she was radiant. Just imagine cruising down the concrete streets of downtown Dallas and seeing this vision turn the corner. Such a thrill for me!
artful living   And then this small group was not so much in costume as they were simply expressing their own styles. Or maybe these are costumes and my lack of knowledge is showing. (I hope that guy on the left is in costume!) Regardless, it was just delightful to see such creativity and personal expression walking confidently through the streets of Dallas. It made me want to join them all!

More to come!


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