How many Fraggles can fit in a nest?

While I know the bird stories may be getting very, very old by now, I still find these little guys so weird amazing and can’t believe the way things seem to change daily. Tonight I found this:

nest of Fraggle birds

At first I thought it was the parents sitting inside the nest and crowding the babies. Until I got a better look in Photoshop:

nest of Fraggle birds

I’m pretty sure those are the babies! Do you remember how they looked only a few days ago? Seriously! What are these fraggle birds eating?! The good news is that they’ll soon be leaving the nest, which means I can reclaim my doorstep and have management do some industrial cleaning.

And speaking of cleaning, I set out to take away the empty dove nest so that I don’t begin to see an infestation on my balcony, and look what I found:

not so empty nest

I haven’t seen the dove in days but now there’s a single egg in their nest. What in the world is going on?!!!


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