5 things I love this week

May 17-23, 2009
1. Frightened, a post by Karen Russell about stepping out of her comfort zone and documenting the process. Beyond the poignant photograph at the conclusion of her story, I love how she so completely and fully expresses my own thoughts and struggles in the exact same area. This post made me laugh and nod my head in complete understanding, and it reminds me to document ALL of life’s moments, regardless of my comfort level.

2. The spring’s first baby birds, born on both my doorsteps. Although I saw this same process last year with the exact same type of birds in the exact same locations outside my flat, I am still amazed and awed by the wonder of Creation. Watching the nesting process for the past month or so, and now seeing these new little baby birds, less than a week old, is the purest form of joy one can experience.
2009 Bird Sanctuary
click image to view entire photo set more closely

3. The Bloghop at Cards for Heroes. Is there anything more inspirational than seeing creative endeavors solely for the sake of kindness and support? The Cards for Heroes mission is “to support our nation’s armed forces by sending blank greeting cards to write home on, as well as cards of gratitude to encourage them throughout their deployment.” Today through Memorial Day, all the artists involved in the project will be posting a single creation on their personal blogs, and we are the lucky ones invited to join in the celebration. I’m so inspired by the project itself, but there’s no better jumpstart to my own creativity than viewing the work of others.

4. A gift from Down Under. I was surprised by the postman stopping at my door this week to deliver a package with an exciting shipping label…
package from Australia
As a member of BookCrossing, I’m accustomed to receiving books through the mail, and this one was no surprise as the owner sent a message a while back asking if I was still interested. I responded with gratitude at the random gift, but never checked the sender’s profile to know where it would be coming from. To see the package from the land that is my heart’s desire was even better than the gift within. I am floored by the gesture, amazed at the mailing of it in these times of increasing postal rates, and I’m honored to have been the recipient. We don’t know each other, but I will forever feel connected in a small way to this reader from around the world. There’s nothing more fun than a good mail day, but it’s a priceless moment when that mail arrives from the land of your dreams.
BookCrossing from Australia

5. The finale of Survivor: Tocantins and its winner, J.T. Thomas. I still find Survivor to be a fascinating social and psychological experiment, but as the seasons pile up I often do not recall many of the players from previous years. Not even the winners. But I’m certain this season will be different. J.T. is not an easy guy to forget. He didn’t actually register on my radar until well into the second half of the season, but as he began to emerge in the power position, I became more and more drawn to him. Interestingly, while most seasons of late had no final players that kept my attention (must less made me root for them), the Tocantins season gave me three strong players to love and support. In Taj, Stephen and J.T. the game came alive as it hasn’t in a very long time. I would have been thrilled with any of those three taking home the big prize. That it was J.T. in the end is probably the most special of all; he is easily the most charming contestant ever on the show. And by the finale he was completely under my skin. What is most fascinating to me, however, is how strong a reaction I felt when the final episode switched from last competition day to present-day in the studio on live television. The J.T. who appeared before us in the studio was clean-shaven and dressed in a bright shirt and blazer, and I actually recoiled at the sight of him. The guy who charmed me was that jungle creation covered in 39 days of mud and rain and sand and campfire smoke, all scraggly beard and wild hair. The cleaned-up version threw me so much that I found no appeal in him at all. Of course, once he lost composure over his win and began to speak with tears in his eyes, I remembered just what made him so lovable. I’m still partial to the unwashed version, but no matter how he looks, J.T. Thomas is worthy of everything he achieved. I can’t imagine another Survivor season that will compare.
J.T. Thomas from 'Survivor: Tocantins'
images from CBS


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