6 conversations that made me smile

1. Teenage Girl to Mother: “On the first day after school is out, let’s make a list of things I can do over the summer.”
2. Sales Clerk #1:“I love your outfit!”
Sales Clerk #2, upon seeing that both were wearing the exact same hot pink blouse with sequined neckline: “I love your outfit, too!”
3. Seven-year-old boy:“How about this? Is three-nine-nine okay?”
(somewhat cranky) Grandmother: “Three-nine-nine is almost four dollars, and since you have one dollar, no, it’s not okay.”
4. Man and woman arriving simultaneously at checkout lanes:
“Please, go ahead.”
“No, you can go.”
“Really, I’m in no hurry. Please go ahead.”
“Actually, I’m in no hurry either, so really, it’s okay. You can go first.”
“Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway since there’s 42 registers but no one actually working them.”
5. Mother to her very young daughter:“Come on. Let’s go, CoCo.”
And the fact that the daughter’s name was CoCo!
6. Me:“Do you know my real name, D?”
Six-year-old D: “Aunt Jules.”
Me: “Well, that’s not my real name. I go by Jules and I’m your aunt, so that makes me Aunt Jules, but do you know my real name?”
D: “What is your real name?”
Me: “It’s Julie. Julie Marie is my real real name.”
D: “No. Your real real name is Pookie.*

*Family Joke. Somewhere along the way in our childhood years my youngest sister started calling me Pookie, and the name stuck. Now her children call me that, too. But always with mischief in their eyes.


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