5 things I love this week

April 26 – May 2, 2009
1. Children of the World choir. Every one of these children has been personally impacted by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, yet each of them has found joy in knowing Jesus Christ and has found a father in God. They have suffered as no child should ever have to suffer, but they have the most radiant smiles and most open hearts I’ve ever seen. We should all take our cues from these dear children, and we should worship our God with the same jubilance and surrender. I join them in singing a Global Hallelujah!
Children of the World choir
2. The decision to make a Dangerous Surrender to God. Thank you, Kay Warren, for your commitment to sharing a personal testimony and for encouraging all of us to stand at the precipice and jump into the unknown. I’m terrified but I am so excited!
3. How God uses my words to help friends. When I shared some of my frustrations and disappointments to a friend this week, rather than posting them on my blog for all to read, God used them to help a friend put her own circumstances in perspective. I will never understand just why God tells me one direction on this day and a completely new direction on the next day, but I have learned that He is to be trusted and that He has a purpose planned for everything. I’m encouraged when I learn that my experiences are shared by other people, and I am comforted to know that I do not journey this world alone. I praise God for friends, this week! And I’m thankful for the life He has given me and for the ways He is challenging me to become more like Jesus.
4. Celebrating the 14th birthday of the first nephew. My life was so different fourteen years ago, but I’m thankful every day that God chose to raise me out of the pit of despair so that I can be filled with joy and I can be a treasure to those I love so dearly. If my nephews and niece learn nothing else about me, I hope they will see what a difference God has made in my life. That without our God, there is no life and there is no joy. Happy birthweek, K2!
5. The beginning of Summer Movie Season, and having my selections set in place. I do love this time of year!


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