5 things to know : Food edition

1. It’s a very good month if I actually cook more than 4 meals. Generally, it’s take-out, freezer items, or a cooker full of sticky rice with soy sauce.
2. My favorite food is homemade tamales (made by someone else, of course!). Thankfully, my parents have been in South Texas for months and blessed me with a dozen when they came to visit for a week. I’d like to say I’ll ration these and make them last, but I’m certain I’ll eat them every day until they’re gone. For me, tamales are a food staple that I would eat every meal if I could. Nothing better in my eyes!
3. I was already graduated from college before I developed a taste for most vegetables. I grew up on Ranch Style Beans, corn on the cob, lettuce and tomatoes, and green beans. We were not adventurous in my family, and I was a super-picky eater. My grandmother used to cook fried yellow squash, and she would cut it from top to bottom and tell me and my sisters that it was little fried fish. Because the shape looked like our idea of a fish, we believed her. Now, as an adult, I’ve learned to appreciate a lot more than ever before, but I still return to my favorite veges from childhood. Except now, none of it is fried.
4. I don’t care for a lot of sweets, but I love cake. My favorite is yellow with chocolate icing, or just all chocolate. I do enjoy ice cream, too, but I’m very boring in my tastes. Blue Bell’s Homemade Vanilla is a favorite, usually with some caramel topping, but my number one flavor is cherry vanilla. Of the many varieties, I’ve come to like Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia the most. A few spoonfuls after every meal is a delight!
5. I’m not a typical Southern girl, and I’ve never had collard greens or found a love for grits. I don’t like dumplings, and I can’t appreciate fried okra. I’m very particular in food because of the texture. For me, how it feels in my mouth is half the enjoyment. I’m also not an iced tea drinker, which is tantamount to sacrilege in these here parts. I love Coca-Cola, the fizzy bubbles and the strong flavor, and I like Raspberry Lemonade. If I don’t drink those two, it’s just water. I’m quite happy with being so boring, too. I like what I like, and that’s good enough for me!


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