5 things I love this week

April 19 – 25, 2009
1. The Character Project, presented by the USA Network. Again, really interesting photographs of everyday people. I am truly inspired by these images and by the simplicity of the shots. Truly inspired.
2. The return of television series In Plain Sight . When this series debuted last year it took me quite a long time to become devoted, even with a cast I absolutely loved. But by the final episodes of that first season, the writers had given lead character Mary Shannon depth and sensitivity, not to mention motivation for all her abrasive mannerisms. When the final scenes concluded the season, I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. And with its return last Sunday, I am fully engaged. Not only is Mary much more than she ever was before, the series has more heart that it did in the beginning. I see an evolution coming that will transform In Plain Sight into a rich character drama instead of just another quirky USA series. I look forward to what’s in the works! 
3. The 56 Leonard penthouses. All I can say is “Smokes!” These are just exquisite and decadent and modern and heart-palpitatingly seductive. If I truly did come into a windfall, I’d have to consider purchasing one of these along with my Chicago flat. Astounding!
4. This photo and its equally priceless second half. Haven’t we all had days like this?!
5. The fact that you’re never too old to do something new on your birthday.
Dad's first piñata (63rd birthday)
My dad’s very first piñata, thoroughly demolished, in honor of his 63rd birthday. So cool!


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