one word: metamorphosis

My favorite words are those that evoke imagery the moment they are spoken. Color words, action words, words of description about sights and sounds and even smells… all of these bring images to mind in every single person. So when I consider my favorite words, I am drawn to those that paint pictures in my mind. None does this more quickly or clearly than the word metamorphosis. It is the act of change, of transformation. It is the reason I love butterflies as a symbol. Metamorphosis reminds me that life is fluid, nothing is permanent or set in stone, and you can always become something greater than you are at present.

paper butterflies

I need that constant reminder. I need to recall all that I can be and never settle for less than I want to become. And so I surround myself with images that remind me of this, that evoke metamorphosis and encourage excellence and persistence. That caterpillar cannot transform into the butterfly without a great and mighty struggle to break free of the cocoon, and I have to remember that my struggles will also bring complete and total metamorphosis — “a complete change of form, structure, or substance,” according to the dictionary definition. I cherish the word and I cherish the process, almost as much as I embrace the end result. Thankfully, as long as we live on this earth, the end is not actually “the end”, and every day is another step in a continuing transformation. I like wondering just what I’ll become next.
Today’s word was chosen as a response to Catalyst Fifty-Eight at Creative Therapy. This post series is taken from the concept of writing about one word. 
image from Ali Edwards’s butterfly punch collage


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