6 things that make me smile

1. The guy who pulled up next to me in his shiny silver Porsche Carerra, top down, mirrored sunglasses on his face, leaning back all smoove and cool, with radio blasting… (wait for it)Linda… Ronstadt. Oh, yes. That’s cool. Suuuuure.
2. Opening the mailbox to find EW’s Spring Movie Preview inside. And with Wolverine on the cover! Time to make my summer plans.
3. The reopening of my bird sanctuary.
2009 dove family
I do welcome the dove who have returned to my balcony, and I had the rare pleasure of two at one time yesterday morning. But the other group has also returned now, those Fraggle Birds, and they don’t exactly warm my heart. But I just can’t bring myself to tear down a nest with little baby birds inside. And there’s the fact that Mama and Papa Fraggles keep swooping in on me as I try to enter my front door. It’s all a little too Hitchcockian for my taste. ::shudder:: Still, I have to laugh at the absurdity of having birds at every doorstep, since I’ve never been fond of them in my entire life.
4. Globes and Old World maps. I’ve had wanderlust since childhood, and these just intrigue me and set my mind to wondering just what kinds of adventures were had by people who trekked those lands.
5. Hearing the rumble then seeing the tracks of the Chicago El trains. Even when it’s just on television. My heart truly soars!
6. The up and down and up again of young children on trampolines. That may be the purest kind of joy there is.


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