five things I would do if I came into a fortune/inheritance/the lottery

1. Pay off all my debts (naturally), including a large chunk of money to my parents for everything they’ve done over the years to help me make ends meet (not to mention college)
2. Purchase two homes: a flat in Chicago and another one in some European city (Paris? London? Dublin?). These two apartments would serve as “home base” when I need some time to rejuvenate from #3.
3. Travel, constantly, throughout each and every year. I’d spend part of each year in America, visiting all the popular and not-so-famous places that this country has to offer, and I’d spend the remainder of the year outside my country, experiencing all the cultures of the world that fascinate me so much. And I will photograph and write about every single experience so that nothing gets lost or becomes commonplace.
4. Take my niece and 3 nephews on individual high school graduation trips to any place they’d like to go in the entire world. My only condition would be that AJ (me) gets to come along on the trip. It’s selfish, yes, but there’s no way I’m going to miss seeing their faces when those dreams come to life.
5. And during all my travels and new experiences, I would randomly “gift” strangers whose paths I cross. I’ll pick up the check for a couple sitting at the table to my left. I’ll hand a young mother a hundred dollars as I exit a grocery store. I’ll pay the rent for a neighbor in my building, based solely on the number on the front door. I’ll purchase a new bike and give it to the first child I see. And I’ll buy three rows of seats in the infield at a ballpark and hand them out to all the kids standing outside the fences. The possibilities are endless!

I do hope I’m able to do #5, at least, in my lifetime, with #4 being a very close second. What would be the point of having extra money if you can’t use it to make other people happy?


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