5 things I love this week

April 12 – 18, 2009

Dev Patel in 'Slumdog Millionaire'1. Dev Patel in Slumdog Millionaire. He is the very heart and soul of the film and simply remarkable to watch. He is charming and emotive and flawless in his performance, making every movement look effortless. And at the end of the film, in the unexpected celebration scene, he was the best dancer among a crowd of people for whom dance is a cultural heritage. Watching the special features about the making of the film, I was shocked to learn that dancing is not something that comes naturally to him. Onscreen, at the end of the film, it was as smooth as if he’d been doing it his entire life, and it was full of that same individual expression that colored his entire character in the film. To say I’ve been charmed is a complete understatement. I look forward to
everything that this young man has in his future.

2. Fox TV series Fringe. People don’t seem to be watching this series (and I just don’t understand why!) but what began as a series of quirky criminal oddities has become highly engaging. With last week’s episode, Inner Child, the writers managed to draw me deep into an emotional storyline involving a once-feral child then at the very last moment of the hour, they revealed how this seemingly unrelated case was actually connected to the larger mythology that has been buliding throughout the season. This is J.J. Abrams’s specialty, of course, and while Fringe does not have the mass appeal of Lost, it is incredibly interesting and forces me to think very far outside what I know and believe to be true. And I love that! I don’t have high hopes for the series’ renewal, but I am absolutely engaged in its every episode and the phenomenal acting of its key players and guests. If you haven’t watched Fringe, you really have been missing something fantastic.

3. the idea of photographing strangers. This appeals to me because (a) I’m socially fearful and it would challenge me to overcome that, and (b) I’m extremely curious and it would force me to put that curiosity to good use. Stay tuned!

4. This photo of cookies, not because I care at all about the cookies (I’m not even sure what they are) but because I love the colors and composition of the shot. This is how I hope to see the world one day, in colors and composition. These are the kinds of photos I’m trying to learn to take. Just beautiful… even if they are just cookies.

5. GoandBe.org and the proclamation that we should not go to church… we should be the church.

image from Rotten Tomatoes


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