favorite things: Jeff Warren’s paintings of Christ

Hanging in the foyer of my church’s Worship Center are two paintings of Jesus that astound me and move me and depict the very Christ that I hold dear. They are the masterful artistry of my very own Senior Pastor, Dr. Jeff Warren, and I am as awed by the workmanship as I am by the images. What could so easily be unsettling, due to the nature of the scene, is instead powerful and comforting. The sensitivity that binds me to my God, to my Savior, comes through in these paintings. The character of God is present on the canvas. Which consistently reminds me how God’s Hand is at work in every good thing. From paint on a canvas to the conversations I will have with people I meet in a grocery store. That my pastor’s gift can communicate the great love of our God, emotionally as much as visually, reminds me how much more God can use His people in voice and in service. I am thankful for Jeff’s artistry and for sharing it with us, his flock, and I am thankful for how God uses it to accomplish the Good News that Jesus came to save us all. These two paintings are truly some of the dearest things to me.

painting of Jesus Christ, depicted by Dr. Jeff Warren     painting of Jesus Christ, depicted by Dr. Jeff Warren
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