5 things I’m remembering

1. To not only memorize scriptures but to bury them deep into my heart and spirit as the Word of God, His instruction and promise and reminders to me of who He is and how He works.

2. To look at what I do have and do see rather than what seems to be missing from my life. Spiritually, I have abundance, and God has blessed me physically in many ways. That I don’t have a full-time job or answers to the questions of bill payments come the end of the month is not to be the focus of my daily existence. Instead, I should be remembering that I have food in my freezer, gas in the car, and computer access to accomplish the work before me. And I should remember that I have a life full of people whom I love with all my heart. These are blessings in the midst of a period of unknowns.

3. That my experience as a citizen of a wealthy nation is the minority experience in this world. Regardless of my own personal income, I am far more wealthy than two-thirds of the population of the earth, and my perspective on life should be a direct reflection of that fact. It should also be a constant reminder that I have more than enough resources to help others in need.

4. That I am not on this earth to be remembered but to point others to a Gracious and Mighty God. That Jesus Himself came to earth to serve others, and He is my example.

5. That my daily irritations are insignifcant. Even yesterday, as I prepared to unload a car full of breakfast foods and the rain began to drizzle on my carefully designed hair and clothes, I had to laugh at myself for caring so much about my own appearance. With the Cruxificion fresh in mind, and that day’s celebration of the Risen Savior, I quickly said to my Lord, “You endured hours and hours in torrential rains, all while hanging on a cross. A little bit of rain on my head is the least I can do for all You’ve done for me.” Perspective makes all the difference in the world.


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