5 things I love this week

April 5 – 11, 2009
1. this ingenious take on insomnia.
2. creative birthday parties for adults. This party made me want to redo my own birthday and find a bunch of people to celebrate with me. Why, oh why, does Dallas not have Zipcar?
holi colors at the scavenger hunt party
3. Nathan Fillion on Castle. I’ve been a fan of Fillion’s for several years, since he first charmed me as Captain Mal and then burrowed beneath my skin in Waitress, but as Rick Castle he is bringing beautiful depth to a sometimes unlikable character. It’s the father-daughter relationship that reminds us how our outer selves are often not indicative of our true selves, and I have come to love the Castle character a little bit more each week. And with this past episode, it appears there will be even more depth in the character’s arc and the series itself. I never have high hopes for midseason replacement TV, but now that I’m invested in Castle I am rooting for it to pull through. If nothing else, Nathan Fillion has earned it.
4. the beginning of Major League baseball season, even without The House That Ruth Built
5. the fact that Sunday’s a-comin’

birthday party image from oh happy day!


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