new little friends

Look who was waiting on the railing today at the top of the stairs to my flat!

new little friends (08 April 2009)

And wouldn’t you know it, I had just returned from a “quick trip” and didn’t have my camera with me. Blast that heavy purse that makes me want to leave it at home! So, while they are the sweetest little pair I think I’ve ever seen, with such beautiful color in their feathers and brave little faces, I had no choice but to use my phone’s camera, which resulted in this marginal image. I do hope they return again so I can zoom in and get a good clear shot without having to walk up the steps and scare them away. I hope this teaches me to (a) suck it up and just deal with carrying that giant purse or (b) pare down and get rid of all the junk that I feel I must carry around. I’d hate to miss such exquisite opportunities again.



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