favorite things: lemon drops

lemon dropsGrowing up, I never had a good relationship with one of my grandmothers, but I have one great memory from visiting her during the year: lemon drops. Those old-fashioned lemon drops that are coated in sugar and equally sweet and tart. I remember finding a jar (Mason jar?) full of these wonderful little drops in her home on many occasions. This was not candy that my mother bought for me and my sisters. This was candy that I only found at Grand’s house. And the fact that I could only have it a few times a year made it a very special kind of candy.
I recently ran across a small bag of these same lemon drops at a local popcorn seller on the town square. Seeing them, I felt the same thrill I did as a child — that this was special candy to be savored and rationed. When I also found a cute little old-style jar in the back of my cupboard, it was nothing short of kismet. Despite the lack of good grandmother memories, lemon drops are one of my favorite things in the entire world and something that always brings a good bit of nostalgia.



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