one word: capture

I am drawn to the word “capture”, especially these past months as I make efforts to be attentive to my life and my days. I have a goal to photo-document the daily stuff, to pay attention to the small and simple things and capture them… in image, in words, in my heart and mind. To be aware of what my days entail and to make note of them for later recollection. My days are not eventful, they are not spectacular. They are just days. Just hours upon hours that pass by without much thought or significance. But they are my days, and I like to think that someone, someday, will find a small piece of inspiration or hope or encouragement from what I pass along. And so “capture” is one of my life goals: to be aware, to ponder, to document. Even if no one else ever takes notice, I enjoy the process and am a much better person for it.

this post was derived from the list of inspiration words gathered on Ali Edwards’s blog and from the concept of writing about one word


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