Daily Archives: 31 March 2009

6 things that make me smile

1. SEEING A FORECAST OF 73 DEGREES. Though I love the winter, by this time of year I’m ready for cool days full of sunshine. Anything warmer than the 70s is more than I enjoy, but right now the climate is absolutely perfect. At least for a while.
2. THE SOUND OF WIND CHIMES moving in the breeze
3. THE MUSIC OF GEORGE STRAIT (circa 1983). I’ve not loved country music since the mid-80s, despite my recent fascination with a handful of artists, but Strait’s songs from the early ’80s never seem to age for me. I have good memories of my life around that time, and I have a great love for his easy style. Amarillo by Morning and Marina del Rey, among others, always bring a wide smile of nostalgia that I hope I never lose.
4. A PHONE CALL FROM A NEPHEW to tell me that his class is watching Star Wars tomorrow as part of their study of the Hero archetype. The joy is twofold: (1) that we share great love for the films themselves, and (2) that he is now studying exactly what I studied, in exactly the same manner, making it one more common thing in our two lives.
5. WATCHING SOMEONE HELP ANOTHER when not a word was spoken to indicate a need
6. RECALLING ALL OF THE VERSES IN THIS YEAR’S SCRIPTURE MEMORY PROJECT. It’s true that hiding God’s Word in your heart brings comfort and peace. I’m so grateful for the work He’s doing to help me recall His Word and for the situations He is bringing that teach me to wield it. Though challenging, these days have been full of blessing because of my memorization efforts. I couldn’t have imagined just how awesome it would be.

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