5 things I do every single week

1. pick up a half-price drink at Sonic. generally, Coke with no ice or Lemon-Berry Slush. Giant-sized. Because, hey, between 2pm and 4pm, it’s less than a dollar!

2. read Entertainment Weekly, cover to cover. This habit is probably my longest-running hobby, going on its 10th year or more. I find great joy and even relaxation in reading about all the upcoming films and current pop culture events. Of course, this is also the chief reason that my mind is full of information only useful for dinner conversation.

3. write something for at least one of my blogs. I’m happy to finally be in the habit of almost-daily writing, but I make sure that I try to post at least one entry to document some aspect of my week. The posts are my personal life chronicle, and I look forward to the day when I gather all of them together for one bound record of these days of my life.

4. watch at least 10 hours of television. And that’s a low minimum. It’s more likely that I watch 20-30 hours each week. It is a time-waster, yes, but it’s also my choice of entertainment. I can rarely afford to go out, and my singleness means that movies are enjoyed alone. And while I have no problem with that, I just don’t spend my evenings out. TV is my substitute — the way I can enjoy pop culture without always heading to the movies. Living in a small town, there just aren’t too many other options for this cinephile.

5. speak with my family on the phone. I’m so blessed to live near both my sisters and to have good relationships with my parents. We speak often, sometimes many times a day, and I have found this to be my lifeline. There are entire days, especially lately, when I do not speak to a single person, so phone calls from family members truly keep me sane. And they sometimes fill my week. That such an online girl looks forward to any phone call says a great deal about how much my family means to me.


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