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6 things that make me smile

1. DAISIES of all kinds, real or decor, but especially these daisy-cut lids for mason jars. I’ve always rebelled against the idea of using jelly jars for dinner glasses, but with these lids I’m totally changing my mind! So sweet, and so very affordable.

2. CARY GRANT MOVIES. He was just so talented in his suave and bumbling way, and I find myself laughing at all the same moments in all the same films as if I’ve never see those scenes before. In my book, Grant was one of the best, and we’ve yet to see another actor his equal.

3. DECORATING BLOGS and magazines and books and so on and so forth. I truly love all the inspiration, and they help me realize just what I’m trying to do with my own living space. Plus, the more I see of other homes (especially small spaces), the more I realize I’m not that far off what I want to do. If only I could bother to clean!

4. LIME GREEN. I’m thoroughly obsessed with greens right now, but the punch of lime green (especially when paired with tangerine) puts a zing into everything. I wonder if it reminds me of spring? Or maybe just the ’80s?

5. ANSWERING 1001 QUESTIONS posed by nephew #3, each and every time I see him or talk to him on the phone. And though they are often the same questions every time, it still makes me laugh. Silly, funny boy!

6. DAMIAN LEWIS as Charlie Crews on Life. I’ve always been a sucker for a redhead, moreso for a Brit, and when he’s funny, Lewis is ridiculously funny. The more I watch Life, the more enamored I am of this guy. As Crews, he’s quirky and goofy, but also full of so much stifled, seething rage that I look forward to those moments when he comes unglued. Lewis has so much rich and untapped talent, and it makes me happy that America finally discovered him!

Charlie Crews

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