5 things I was doing 10 years ago

1. Living (once again) in the town of my youth, still looking for a way out.

2. Dreaming of being a published author but discouraged that I had to work for a living instead.

3. Participating in an online fan community for the now-defunct television series The Magnificent Seven and preparing to join those fans for a “round-up” weekend in St. Louis. I had just discovered the Internet maybe two years earlier, if that, and found great joy in chatting online with people who shared my love of that series. This was my introduction to social networking, long before there was such a term, and I went all-out. I even wrote a few fan fiction stories, of which I’m still very proud!

4. Beginning a new friendship with one of those M7 fans, who contacted me about how much she loved those fan fiction posts. That friendship still exists today through e-mail (modern-day pen pals, you might say), and though she and I have never met in person, I count her as a dear, dear friend. She and I have shared our lives with each other all these years and have reached a point of unconditional love. In my life, that’s a rare gift from someone not related to me!

5. So very happy to be turning 30, certain that my worst days were behind me and that I would finally begin living an “adult” life. Funny… I’m still looking for that elusive life today!


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