5 things I love this week

March 15-21, 2009

1. This listmaker’s dream. There’s no end to the amount of fun I can have on this forum, and I’m so excited to have a super-organized way to keep up with all the ongoing stuff in my head!

2. Luke (and his formidable mom, Margie) from The Amazing Race.

Margie and Luke Adams from 'The Amazing Race'Much ado was made at the beginning of the race about Luke’s deafness, but as the teams dwindle it is awesome to watch how unimportant that fact has become. He and his mom are one of the strongest teams in the race, consistently finishing in the top 4 on each leg (twice at #1!), and I am so enamored with his drive and his emotional stamina. Each episode has shown additional layers to Luke’s personality, and previews for next week reveal that his heart is easily broken at the poverty he witnesses in countries around the world. I have never wanted a team to win as much as I want Luke and Margie to win this race. They have shown great integrity, and they have proven that there is no such thing as a disability if you don’t let it define you.

3. Adrian Brody in Cadillac Records. Just hearing his name always brings a smile to my face, but it’s his raw talent that endears me to Brody. And in Cadillac Records, he’s exquisite. The entire cast is phenomenal and the movie so good, but Brody was the glue that held all the pieces together. Him and Jeffrey Wright, as Muddy Waters. They elevated an interesting story into a compelling film, and I hated to see it end.

4. Spring. Having work that kept me at home in front of a computer was made so much more enjoyable by being able to open all the windows and feel the cool spring air. Coupled with a soundtrack by Norah Jones, Adele and Sara Bareilles (with a little Nick Drake thrown in more good measure), there just isn’t anything better.

5. The return of an old friend.

first dove of 2009
I’m sure this is not the same little guy (or gal) who blessed me last year, but the sweet little coo I’ve been hearing in the mornings thrills my heart just the same. I’ve left the little nest in its exact location just in case of a repeat performance, and this one (possibly a few of them) has been blessing my balcony since mid-February. Such a treasure!


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