5 things I love this week

March 8-14, 2009

1. Google Reader. The fact that I follow a head-spinning number of blogs with only the click of a button just makes me smile each and every day. I never have to remind myself, I never feel I’m getting behind, and I can simply read or not read at my own leisure. That it’s so simple is my undoing, for I add quite a few new blogs to my list every week, but I appreciate that they are all there waiting for me. And my inbox is so much happier, as well!

My Google Reader

2. Spending a Saturday night being inspired by others. Catching up on all those blogs brings me the most amazing inspiration. Just tonight I found a single image that is exactly what I had in mind for a website on which I’m beginning freelance work this week… only, I hadn’t actually formed the full picture. But now, from this one image, I know exactly what I want to do. Let’s hope the boss-man agrees!

3. A fantastic dragonfly tumbler. I actually received this Tervis tumbler last week as a birthday gift, but being plagued by illness kept me from appreciating it fully until now. It’s the ginormous size, which I LOVE, and aside from its heating/cooling abilities (legendary, I’m told), it’s simply the coolest design ever. Dragonflies are a longtime fun favorite of mine, so my parents knew I’d love it the minute they found it. And heretofore, it is my go-to cup from the cupboard.

4. That this is evidently the Year of the Butterfly. Well, in craft circles, at least. I’ve loved butterflies since 1993, when I renewed my relationship with the LORD, as they are a symbol of becoming a new creation (metamorphosis). But all of sudden I see them everywhere. Today, as I browsed the aisles at Michael’s craft store, I found butterflies in rub-on form, sticker form, scrapbook papers and embellishments. And just last week I ran across two craft projects (here and here) that made my heart soar. Perhaps it’s the hope of spring, but I cannot recall another year in which butterflies were featured so prominently. I’m thrilled, of course! And I am soon to be lifting some of those ideas for my own place. It’s just so much fun to find my tiny little joys catching on around the world.

5. 100 meter photograph. This is perhaps the most mesmerizing photo series I’ve ever seen. One photographer snapped one shot from the exact same location on a bridge in Berlin every single day for 20 days, and he captured 178 people in the process. The result is exquisite, even with the guy near the end whose finger gesture suggests he is less than pleased to be photographed. I am inspired to create such a project of my own.


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