40 things I want to do in my 40th year


1. Finish decorating my apartment.
DONE! 2. Document a month in photos.
DONE! 3. Try a food to which I have an aversion.
4. Spend a day smelling the roses.
5. Begin writing down my life’s memories.
6. Take nephew #2 to the circus.
7. Read more books than last year.
8. Finally begin a scrapbooking project.
9. Clean my home more than once per quarter.
10. Grow basil plants for pesto.
DONE! 11. Visit the Sixth Floor Museum in Dealey Plaza.
12. Complete the beaded watch project with Mom
        and then actually wear it.
13. View a hand exhibit.
14. Release my Bookcrossing books.
DONE! 15. Write down every film I see throughout the year.
16. Stick to a fitness routine.
17. Spend an afternoon among the treasures at
        the Dallas Public Library.
18. Participate in worship services without wondering what people
        think of my singing.
19. Be faithful about recycling.
20. Consistently get to bed at a decent hour.
21. Catch up on the entries for the kids’ journals.
22. Have lunch in a park.
23. Read Jane Austen.
24. Reconnect with old friends.
DONE! 25. Spend a day in the Dallas Arts District.
26. Stay healthy enough to attend work regularly without illness.
DONE! (mostly) 27. Make a blog entry every day for at least one month.
28. Take a photo walk in a historic area.
DONE! and DONE! 29. Grow out my hair again and reclaim the curls.
30. Prepare a “go” bag.
31. Shred all outdated documents.
32. Create faux stained glass for my balcony door.
33. Stroll through a renowned neighborhood.
DONE! 34. Enjoy a long solitary lunch in a pub.
DONE! 35. Visit a sculpture garden.
DONE! 36. Walk among a cattle drive.
37. Indulge in Snuffer’s cheese fries.
38. Recycle magazines as soon as they’re read.
39. Attend an outdoor symphony performance.
DONE! 40. Write something daily weekly about one word.

This list was inspired by the birthday lists of Andrea at HulaSeventy.


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  1. Interesting! We share some of the same goals. For several years, I’ve been trying to read more books than the year before. (09 was the first year I utterly failed — sigh!) And I have a beaded watchband project I’ve been fiddling with for a couple of months now. I can’t seem to find the right beads for the job… I’m about ready to make a watch pendant instead. 🙂


  2. Grow that basil…I grow TONS of it every year and then freeze the pesto. It’s SO SO EASY to grow and will multiply like crazy!!!


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