one word : frugal

You would think that my life would be one of great frugality, what with being single and (too often) unemployed, and yet when I ponder the word “frugal” I don’t apply it to myself. I think “budget” and “penny-pincher”, which apply to my dad and to my sister, respectively, but I wouldn’t use them to describe myself. Which is a shame, of course, considering that I am single and unemployed. And yet it does not seem to fit.

Frugal is a grand goal to have. It’s a goal I would like to adopt, in fact, if I could ever get past the lure of the bright and shiny in the aisles of the supercenters. Bright and shiny is my downfall. So while I can say that I try to stay on a budget and try to keep spending down, it is hardly a motto of my life. The Targets of the world know this… and create bright and shiny One Spots. And frugal goes out the window.

I will continue to try until one day I can school others on being frugal. I will make renewed efforts each year to resist temptations as I shop for groceries. Barring that, I’ll lose my eyesight and no longer be tempted by the shiny. Let’s see which comes first.

this post was derived from the list of inspiration words gathered on Ali Edwards’s blog and from the concept of writing about one word


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