5 things to know about me

This all began on Facebook with a round robin game of “16 Random Things to Know About Me”, and I posted my original list on this blog. But as this game has progressed, I’ve thought more and more about my life and my passions and my hopes and dreams and fears, not to mention the completely random thoughts that just come and go from time to time. Thus, I am making this a weekly (at least) topic for This Girl’s Journey. When it plays itself out I hope to have an autobiographical list for family and friends that just might never have come up in normal conversation — the telling pieces of my life, if you will.

Random facts about me

1. I have a heart for the historical experience of both America’s and Australia’s indigenous peoples, and I’ve long held a dream of working in Africa one day. God hasn’t opened those doors just yet.

2. I can see myself as that old spinster woman in the very small town who is eccentric and odd but not quite Boo Radley. A good example of her is the woman who turned her home into the town library in Because of Winn Dixie (she was played by Eva Marie Saint in the film version). Yeah, I can see myself becoming that woman. And I’m starting to embrace it a little! (The small town aspect will be hardest for me, though. I like the noise of a city.)

3. I watch at least 100 movies per year, including 25-30 in actual cineplexes. It is due to the sheer volume that I began keeping a chronicle of these films and my opinions of them, which has now resulted in my pop culture blog. I see my journal as an autobiography of my life interests that, hopefully, will be of interest to my niece and nephews when I am old and senile.

4. This film obsession is wholly attributed to seeing Star Wars: A New Hope during its original theatrical release in 1977. Because I had not been wearing glasses for very long at that time, I forgot to put them on when my family piled in the station wagon to drive to the cinema in Dallas. My family still “thanks” me for forcing everyone to watch the film from the first row of the theater, necks craned high to see the screen above us. That movie experience defined the rest of my life and shaped my personality forever.

5. One of my biggest pet peeves is having a person ask a question but not pay attention to the answer. Seriously? Why even ask?


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