5 things I love this week

January 18-24, 2009

1. Ushering in the presidency of Barack Obama. It’s historical, it was too-long-coming, and it was full of equal parts hope and realism. I was moved and I was proud of this great step in the American story. And I’m excited for what comes next, if for no other reason than to have a story of my own to tell. Every generation deserves something to talk about that feels personal, and President Obama will certainly be that very thing for so many.

2. The Oscar nominations. And so begins my Annual Oscar Ritual. This year’s crop of nominees is better than most, and that will make my time in the cinemas well worth the effort.

3. The time-shifting island of Lost. I have not been energized by the stories of this series for quite some time, but I’m fully on board with this crazy new direction. I do love non-linear storytelling, and this is one of the best. And having pieces fall into place is a bonus. My only wish is that the creators had told me this was a sci-fi series at the onset; I never would’ve grumbled at the twists and turns!

4. Laurence Fishburne on CSI. It’s so hard to lose a beloved TV character like Grissom, but his departure was made so much easier by the new character played by Fishburne. I’ll admit to many doubts when I first heard of his involvement — Morpheus as a lab rat? — but all doubts were assuaged with his first day on a case. Fishburne brings a quiet grace, a subtlety like no one else on the show. I’ve not been this impressed since Liev Schreiber dropped by.

Paul Adelstein and Amy Brenneman on 'Private Practice'5. Violet and Cooper’s friendship on
Private Practice.
Yes, they’re both highly dysfunctional in so many ways, but the friendship of these characters played by Amy Brenneman and Paul Adelstein is something I have longed for in my own life. It’s rare and it is to be treasured. I love the honesty, the humor, the unconditional acceptance, and I love that it transcends gender roles and expected interaction. They’re like siblings and best friends and lovers, all rolled into one. And they are one of the only bright spots on this increasingly melodramatic series.


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