Better to have loved and LOST

Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller in 'Prison Break'With the news last week that my current favorite television series, Prison Break, will not be renewed for a fifth season, I find myself pondering the many, many series that have been retired to TV history. How often I’ve settled in for a long relationship only to have a network pull the plug suddenly and with no opportunities for resolution. I think back to Boomtown, a critically-acclaimed series with a stellar cast and inventive writing, that was allowed to begin filming a second season and then told to shut down production just a few weeks in. We viewers were left to wonder just what the reasoning could be behind such a decision. This kind of behavior has come more frequently with each new tv season until it seems almost pointless to allow oneself to invest in any new series in the first place. So, why do we it?

Honestly, I still find joy in the discovery. Had I never watched Boomtown I would not have become so enamored with Neal McDonough or been reminded just how incredible is Mykelti Williamson. I would not have become so familiar with the many Band of Brothers vets who appeared in memorable guest roles. I would not have discovered Gary Basaraba or Lana Parilla. And those would have been losses, indeed. Joining a new series is worth the risk to me, if not for the enjoyment of the episodes we are given then certainly for the introduction or rediscovery of actors who will go on to other projects and, hopefully, greater fame. I wouldn’t trade the discovery of Kevin McKidd in last season’s Journeyman or the resurgence of Cole Hauser in
K-Ville for anything in the world. I cannot imagine the void that would have existed without the pure joy of Pushing Daisies. My joy would not have been complete without these four years of Wentworth Miller in Prison Break. And though it will gone for good at the end of this month, I have thoroughly enjoyed every delightful moment of this season’s adventure series Crusoe, which has given me another new face to watch in Philip Winchester but also allowed me brief moments with longtime favorite Sean Bean. Had I never tuned in for fear of cancellation, these joys would not have come to me.

I always have hope with each new series I begin, and I’m thankful for each time a series is allowed to complete a run on its own terms. Lost will have this privilege, providing full closure for those of us who have continued to walk through the sludge of the Island. Prison Break is said to have this same opportunity. And these are the reasons I continue to invest in new series — there is always hope for a conclusion. Whether it comes to fruition matters not if I have something else to take away with me. And for this diehard TV junkie, that’s quite enough.

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