5 things I love this week

January 11-17, 2009

1. Free movies from Blockbuster. I’m an avid participant in online survey programs for one reason: free stuff. This week I received my choice of two free DVDs from the Blockbuster store inventory, and even the clerk was impressed at my swag. My choices this month: Prince Caspian and Jumper. There’s just nothing better than free stuff!

Christian Kane2. Finding Christian Kane all over the internet. He’s on the new series Leverage, his music is on MySpace, he has a fan page on Facebook, and he can be seen again on Angel repeats that just began Season One all over again. Every day I receive notice in my inbox of some other interview or article or posting about him, and it just reminds me what I loved in the first place. This obsession is just a lot of fun!

3. Colin Farrell’s Golden Globe win. Though he’s one of my favorite actors, I just don’t expect him to be awarded by the industry. And while the Golden Globes are far from the Oscars, it was really nice to see him win for his performance in In Bruges. His giddy speech made the moment all the better in my eyes. I was very proud to be a fan.

4. Enhanced episodes of Lost. Without the running commentary, I’m generally at a loss when watching the series. I get the big pictures, but it’s the small nuances that fly past me unnoticed. And I don’t recall many of these small moments to make sense of them in later episodes. The enhanced aspect is like “Lost for Dummies”, and I’m one grateful viewer.

5. The return of Battlestar Galactica and Jack Bauer. Both series bring me great joy, and I miss them when they’re not on the air. Galactica was a fitting beginning to its final season, and 24 featured an irreverent and surly Jack Bauer. The perfect series to bookend the week!


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