5 things I love this week

January 1-10, 2009

1. Winter hibernation. In my current state of unemployment, it’s at least nice to have some time for rest and healing after a year of debilitating moments. This week I slept like I’ve never slept before, including two days of more than 20 hours, and the other days found me awake at 4am. I’m viewing it as a hibernation period, although I believe my spring will come before it actually thaws outside. Trust me, I’m not taking this for granted at all!

2. Surprise gifts from strangers. A belated Christmas gift arrived this week as part of a Holiday Swap through BzzAgent. Gifts are cool enough on their own, but this one hit all the right marks. That’s definitely worth extending Christmas for weeks!

3. An afternoon with D. School pick-up, Sonic Happy Hour, driving around for an hour singing along with the radio. What better time could you have with a 6-year-old? Conversation, of course! Time with D is always fun and always full of hilarious moments that stay with me forever.

4. The return of Psych. The more this series airs, the more in love I am. James Roday is like no other and Dulé Hill breathes more life into a one-note character than anyone else could possibly dream. The fact that the show drops rapid-fire 80s references is just icing. This is television made with me in mind!

The Duchess5. The Duchess. Though not the best example of English period drama, this film is elevated by Ralph Fiennes’s incredible portrayal of the lifeless Duke of Devonshire and by Keira Knightley’s emotional layering of Duchess Georgiana. The story is fully centered on the troubled marriage of the Duke and Duchess, and it makes much of Georgiana’s fashion forwardness and political dabblings, as well as her eventual extramarital affair with Whig Party leader Charles Grey. But beyond the surface it is a vivid tale of the choices women made to survive in the 18th century, whether royalty or not.


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