16 Things

1. I have an email pal with whom I’ve been corresponding for almost ten years and we’ve never met in person. She is a dear friend and the true definition of “pen pal”.

2. I’ve been dreaming of Australia since I was twelve years old and fully plan to travel there one day. I honestly believe if I ever get the opportunity, I will move there for good.

3. I’m a sucker for Scottish and Irish accents.

4. I actually do have a list of Dream Qualities in a man. Not requirements, just qualities that attract me. Shaven head, scruffy facial hair and height above six feet top the list.

5. I use weeknights to run errands so that I can be stingy with my weekends. Most Saturdays, I never leave the flat.

6. I absolutely despise cleaning and will let dust and grime pile up until it has to be scraped away. Even then, I’ll put it off another week or more, dreading the task.

7. By that same token, my refrigerator is a perennial science experiment.

8. I dream of becoming published one day.

9. Although I’m not pursuing #8 at the moment, I try to keep my creativity flowing through blogging. My blogs are truly an outpouring of my soul, and the writing is as much for myself as it is for an audience.

10. I speak in movie dialogue and Hollywood references then spend much of my conversations explaining the origins of those statements. No one really cares but I can’t seem to stop.

11. I’m a bit “Monk-ish” (see #10) and cannot resist lining things up or straightening items on a display shelf or adjusting something that is out of place. I also can’t stand having anything on my hands or face, resulting in multiple washings throughout every day. [I’m pretty sure my nephew has this same characteristic, at least the hands thing.]

12. I have one niece and three nephews who are my greatest blessings in life, and I am quite content never having my own children because they are all more than enough.

13. Inside, I’m truly a bohemian spirit, but I’ve never been able to transfer this to my outer appearance or to my personality. Somehow, a long time ago, I got stuck in an introverted shell that has not yet been broken entirely.

14. From elementary through early high school years, I placed every year in UIL spelling competitions, and because they were also judging “plain writing” I have always had good penmanship. Both are something I’ve always taken pride in.

15. I’ve had wanderlust since childhood but have traveled very little. Of the places I have been, my heart is inextricably bound to Chicago and to Romania.

16. In 2009, I want to feel as though I lived fully throughout the year.


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