finding an appreciation for Simon Pegg

Sometimes it takes me a good long while to find appreciation for certain actors, but one of my greatest joys in this life comes in those moments when I see something that I hadn’t noticed before. When I “discover” someone for the first time or realize that I’ve overlooked something in all the previous exposure to that person. I have a long history of doing this — and I document this revolving door of moments — but the pure pleasure of discovery never gets old for me. In fact, my most cherished memories are the ones that surprise me. And thus I find myself seeing Simon Pegg with new eyes.

Pegg is not my usual type. Sure, I like the odd sort of goofball, from time to time. But I don’t enjoy the stupid comedies about idiots and their idiot actions. I prefer intelligent humor to slapstick comedy, and Pegg’s films always seemed to fall into the latter category. But then I found Spaced, the brilliant, but short-lived television series in which Pegg played one-half of a fantastic friendship that centered around a mutual love of all things pop culture (and many things sci-fi). And with that one series my eyes were opened to the humor that Simon Pegg can create. Smart, though still silly, comedy. It’s not everyone’s taste, of course, but for fans like me who love a good movie reference nestled into an otherwise straightforward scene, Spaced is a treasure. And it perfectly showcased the comedy of Simon Pegg.

Though I’ve found an appreciation for him in a way I never expected, Pegg can never rise to the level of actors I will follow anywhere. For every brilliant film like Shaun of the Dead and performance like Scotty in the Star Trek reboot, there are four more wretched offerings like Run Fatboy Run. But what I have learned is that within the depths of an otherwise deplorable filmography, there can be (and often will be) a few gems that reveal the true talent of an actor. In this case, I’m happy to have discovered the range of Simon Pegg, and I do look forward to more Shauns and Tims and Scottys in the future. Just as long as you don’t ask me to endure Hot Fuzz.

image from IGN


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