SPACED – Season Two

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SpacedHaving fallen in love with the first season of Spaced, the British television comedy about two friends’ daily trials set amidst a smorgasboard of pop culture references, I was anxious to see the next (and sadly, final) chapter in the series. The DVD took far too long to arrive, but that time served to cement my endearment for the two main characters of Tim and Daisy, so that the first five minutes of the first episode brought a heart-swell of affection I hadn’t realized was there before. From this unexpected beginning, the series continued to build and build into a supremely entertaining evening that continues to resound.

The first episode of the second season begins with Daisy’s return from a long holiday in Asia and features a fantastic plot of Matrix-style agents on the hunt for a briefcase containing sensitive documents that they believe to be in Daisy’s possession. As you can imagine, the episode recreates outlandish scene after scene from The Matrix, including the infamous entrance to the lobby shootout, and the story increases in silly dramedy with each new visual recreation. I laughed until my sides ached — and this was only 24 minutes of the five-hour series! Needless to say, the remaining episodes build upon hilarious movie moments and crazy plots, all the while telling the arc of Tim and Daisy’s sweet and cherished friendship.

What makes Spaced such a brilliant bit of art is not just the outlandish spectacles and spot-on parodies, but rather the realistic telling of a friendship for the ages. Tim and Daisy are two of a kind, counterparts to each other, and I could not help but root for the two of them to create the kind of lasting bond that comes so rarely in life. That the series never gives in to the obvious is a credit to creators Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes (who also play Tim and Daisy). That it leaves the viewer wishing for more is its legacy. Spaced is that rare gem that gets funnier with each viewing while becoming all the more sweet and honest. Even with a need to fast forward through crude bits and moments from supporting players, this is one series that is worth uninterrupted viewing. At least for the movie geeks among us.

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